In the last post I got to share with you the bottom-half of my top ten list of favorite rabbitry supplies.  Now I’m even more excited, because I get to talk about the top half of the list!  And it starts with…

Rabbit Tattooer

5. The KBtatts Complete Rabbit Tattoo Kit.  Ten years ago, almost everyone used clamp tattoo kits to earmark their rabbit.  But once the battery-operated pen came on the scene, rabbit breeders flocked to grab one.  Handheld electric pens make tattooing so much easier, both on the handler and the rabbit.  (In fact, it has many advantages over clamps.)  And I’m convinced that the KBtatts brand battery operated tattoo pen is one of the best in the market.  The complete kit comes with a replacement needle, ink, ink wells, a cleaning kit, and more.  Check it out!

Rabbit Home

4. The Supreme Rabbit Home for Small/Dwarf Breeds.  I raise a dwarf breed, so naturally dwarf sized cages are my favorite.  But all of them in the “Supreme Rabbit Home” line are fantastic.  They come complete with a slide-out drop tray, so you don’t have to buy that separately in order to stack your cages.  And they’re decked out with all the trimmings, including urine guards, door trim.

Nest Box

3. Galvanized Steel Nest Boxes.  One time my dad built me some wood nest boxes.  That was very sweet of him…but the boxes were too bulky to fit in the cage door.  I love the little steel ones.  They are so cute and compact, and yet they are even more functional than wood boxes, because rabbits can’t chew them, and they’re so much easier to clean.  They have removable wood floors, so if the floor wears out, you can replace it, while the box itself lasts indefinitely.  If I get more breeding does, I’ll have to get more of these boxes.  In fact, maybe I should ask for some for Christmas…

Rabbit Carrier

2. Triple-hole Rabbit Carrier.  Again – cute, compact, and functional my three words for this carrier.  It’s so much more convenient and so much cheaper than buying three single holes.  And if you show rabbits, it’s also extremely necessary.

1. EZ-Crock.  I know, I’m always talking about how much I love EZ-crocks.  But I don’t know what I’d do without them.  I haven’t discovered any other dish that’s nearly impossible for rabbits to tip, but simple for the caretaker to remove.  They’re sturdy plastic that holds up in summer and winter, and they are a smooth bowl shape that doesn’t harbor fines or algae.  Plus, they come in three handy sizes.  Win, win, win!

By the way, you can buy all these supplies and others from our recommend rabbit supplier at

Bonus round – My top Favorite Rabbit Books

Okay…as a bonus, here are my top favorite rabbit books.  I didn’t want to include these in the top-ten list because they’re not really equipment, but good information is essential to any rabbit project’s success.  So real quick, here are my top three recommendations in books you should check out (not in any particular order):

The ARBA Standard of Perfection.  If you raise rabbits for show, you’ll need to know what’s in this book.  If you are competing in 4-H or Youth contests such as Showmanship, Breed ID, or Royalty, you doubly need to know what’s in this book.  And if you are preparing to become a judge or registrar, you absolutely need to have a copy.  This is the official standard against which rabbits are judged in the United States.

Raising Rabbits

Raising Rabbits 101.  Reading websites is fine, but you’re not going to get as complete info as if you purchase a book – such as the excellent Raising Rabbits 101 – which lays out the details of rabbit care and breeding information.  It’s written by a professional, one who has put the sweat and tears into making a rabbitry work – not just produce rabbits, but produce winning rabbits.  Check it out.

About Bunny Colors.  Ever hear your friends talking about “marten patterned himmie” and wonder what on earth it means?  Ever wonder what colors you’ll get when you breed Bugs and Fluffy, or how to produce a certain color you’ve been hoping for?  Ever wondered how to get better color quality that will help you achieve new heights on the show table?  Here’s the book for you.  “About Bunny Colors” spells out the essentials of rabbit color genetics in a way that YOU can understand.  Many readers have commented that when no other genetics resource made sense to them, this book opened the door to mastering rabbit color genetics.

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