Is it really cost effective to build your own rabbit cages?

Rabbit Cages

Lots of rabbit owners like to build their own cages.  There’s a real sense of accomplishment in seeing the cage you built all finished and ready for your new pet.  But, you might wonder, is it really cost-effective to build your own cages?  Well, that depends.

A 100ft roll of galvanized wire can make about 6-8 rabbit cages, depending on their dimensions.  If you price a roll of wire against the price of 6-8 pre-built rabbit cages, it looks pretty good.  It definitely seems like you can save money by buying the wire, clips, and trays separately and assembling them yourself.

But there’s a hitch: You need more than one type of wire to build a rabbit cage.  Most rabbit cages are built of 1” x 2” mesh wire on the sides and roof of the cage, but that’s not tight enough to support rabbits’ feet.  The floor of the cage must be a much tighter mesh: ½” x ½”.  That means, unfortunately, that to build even one rabbit cage, you need TWO types of wire.  Add a second 100ft roll of floor wire to your shopping cart, and suddenly the bottom line doesn’t look so good anymore.

But don’t worry, there’s a way around.

Pre-cut Floors make All the Difference

At, you don’t have to spend over $150 on a roll of floor wire.  The solution: pre-cut floors.  Buy your roll of side-wire, and then order the floors you want separately.  We’ll send you a piece of ½”x 1” wire cut to the right dimensions – and instead of $150, you’ll pay under $10!  Now you can have fun designing your own cages and putting them together, while still keeping the costs down.

A Double Function – Replacement Floors

Our pre-cut floors can also replace rusted floors on older cages that you purchased.

Note: Other floor sizes may be available in addition to those listed on the website.  If you need a size that you don’t see here, just ask if we have it!

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