If it’s your first time shopping for rabbit equipment, you might be surprised and how many decisions there are to make.  It’s not as simple as just buying a water bottle; you have a choice of different brands, sizes, and nozzle types.  This guide can help you select the best kind for your beloved pet.

Pet Rabbits

What size water bottle does a pet rabbit need?

They say that the average rabbit will drink five ounces (5 fl oz) of water per day, but of course this varies a lot by the season and the individual.  Also, you needed to make allowances for water that will be wasted.  Almost all water bottles will drip for a little while after a rabbit drinks from them, as the nozzle doesn’t seal instantly.  Some rabbits like to lean up against the nozzle and let the water run over their bodies.  Considering this, it’s important to select a bottle that offers quite a bit more water than your rabbit will actually drink.

PremiumRabbits.com – a great place to buy rabbit products online – offers water bottles in several different sizes.  The 8-ounce size works great as a take-along water bottle for one-day trips, but it’s not big enough for everyday use.   The 16-ounce and 32-ounce bottles are the best for daily use for single rabbits.  Which size you select should depend on how often you are available to check on your rabbit and refill the bottle if necessary.  If two or more rabbits share a cage, you will definitely want a bottle that’s at least 32 ounces, or maybe even the giant 64-ounce Lixit brand water bottle at PremiumRabbits.com

Are glass or plastic bottles better for rabbits?

Most rabbit water bottles are plastic, and they work fine.  But if you want to bump up the class a little bit, you can try the glass water bottles by Lixit.  Some users report that glass water bottles seal a bit better than plastic ones, and thus are less likely to drip.  Also available at PremiumRabbits.com, these bottles are topped off with a cute plastic “floating turtle” indicator to help you see the water level at a glance.

Is there more I should consider when buying a rabbit water bottle?

Actually there’s a lot more things to think about!  One of the most important is how the bottle is filled.  On most water bottles, the nozzle unscrews from the bottle, so that in order to fill it, you have to take the entire bottle off the cage.  This isn’t always the case, though!  The SuperPet Top-fIll water bottle has a flip-open lid, so that you can leave it attached to the cage and quickly fill it with a pitcher.  The one disadvantage to this system is that you need to make sure the lid is tightly closed when you’re done filling it, or the bottle won’t seal and may drip.

Before making your final selection, you may also want to look at the way the bottle attaches to the cage: how securely it stays, and how easy it is to remove.   Thankfully, the one thing you won’t have to worry about when buying water bottles is the cost, since all of the bottles (at least at PremiumRabbits.com) are very reasonably priced.



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